Let’s be honest. If your school had an unlimited budget, you wouldn’t be here. You’d probably opt for the competition with more bells and whistles and more quizzes. But you don’t have an unlimited budget so you’re looking for something that works for you at a reasonable price. ReadnQuiz is the Ford Taurus in a market where your only other choice is a Lexus. ReadnQuiz will get you where you want to go, without the some of the luxuries. And you’ll still have budget left to buy more books for the library.

While ReadnQuiz does not have as many quizzes as that other program, it does have quizzes for juvenile literature’s most popular books and it does keep up very well with the newest offerings your students want to read most. In all honestly, we get a lot of feedback and suggestions from our customers, and we never hear, “There aren’t enough quizzes.” Maybe it’s because we have every quiz they need, or because they’ve seen thousands of quizzes added each year or because they know they can add a quiz any time they want to.

Our customers are super loyal and they send back notes like, “We love RQ!” along with their acknowledgment of a renewal statement. We see schools come on board every year in districts where one school was using the program the year before. Organic growth and loyalty only happen when the product is a good one.

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