What would I say to my colleagues? I would tell them "I LOVE ReadNQuiz!" It's the absolute truth!! ReadNQuiz is a great tool to boost student accountability! With all the time we spend teaching Science, Math, Literacy and all the other things that are squeezed into our teacher day there is no time left to READ! When we lost our other "not to be named reading program" :) due to budget constraints I needed to find an affordable alternative. ReadNQuiz came to our rescue! At that time, I was a middle school teacher and was FINALLY getting my students to buy into independent reading because of the classroom requirements I held them to as well as the reading incentives I had in place. And then it happened, we lost our program due to district budget cutbacks. I searched high and low and found ReadNQuiz. With their 30-day trial it was a no-brainer. You get full functionality with the trial and once you try it...you will be hooked!! I am now a reading specialist at two urban elementary schools and we are now ReadNQuiz customers as well! It is easy to administer, easy to use, and the students love the quizzes! Their customer service is always very prompt, patient, and courteous. And believe me, I have sent my share of questions!! All I can say, is thank you, God bless, and keep up the amazing work!

Lynda Hassick
Reading Specialist
Allentown School District
Allentown, PA

I prefer ReadnQuiz because the children choose the books they want to read, hold them in their hands, and then take a quiz. Many former students and even some parents returned to thank me and said that I was the teacher who turned them on to reading. They said that they did not realize reading could be so entertaining and fun. Hearing this from former students really caused me to like and continue your program.

Jean Woodle
Teacher, 4th Grade
Richard Winn Academy
Winnsboro, SC

I have LOVED this and my students have as well. They find it simple and easy. I love the reports and ease with which I can print for reporting and using as data for their IEP.

I've shared it with my entire school!

Melissa Woodland
Special Education 3rd-5th
I.B. Perrine Elementary
Twin Falls, ID

We have been using [another program] for the past decade or more, but late last year, our desktop installation began to slowly die. I inquired about [another program] online, but as a Title 1 school, there was just no way we could possibly afford it. My classroom teachers were in a panic. We'd had [another program] for so long, they weren't sure, at first, how to function without a testing program to keep kids accountable for their reading. I spent a week or more researching other online quiz programs. I ended up choosing ReadnQuiz. I found it to offer numerous current titles at a very affordable price. My classroom teachers also love the feature that allows students to vote on the reading difficulty of each book. It helps them when informally assessing comprehension and reading level. The program is so user friendly - not just to the administrator, but to the teachers and students as well. Setting up my entire school of 400 took less than a day's time. Teachers enjoy the ability to check student progress at home in the evenings and on weekends while they are planning for lessons and conferences. As the year has gone by, I've noticed, with GREAT pleasure how well ReadnQuiz keeps up with adding new tests.

IntraData is very responsive to suggestions and has a much more personal level of involvement than the bigger programs. My school has been nothing but pleased with this program! We have every intention of being their customer for years to come!

Rachel Hester
Media Specialist
Stone Creek Elementary
Walker County, GA

Our school also could not afford [another program], a program that I loved and had used for years. After a great deal of time spent searching and then researching, our school chose to use ReadnQuiz. We have used it for several years now and plan on continuing to incorporate it into our Language Arts program.

Working with the people at ReadnQuiz is an unbelievable experience. I've had problems late on Saturday evening (not a surprise I was still working then, right?), and someone from ReadnQuiz has responded to my plea for help. Our school signed on with ReadnQuiz early on, but when I would contact them about my "wish list" I often got what I wanted. They were willing to listen to our suggestions and worked diligently to make sure we were satisfied.

ReadnQuiz fits nicely into our school's budget. Our students continue to benefit from the program, and more schools in our district are deciding to use the program after seeing how well it has worked at our school. I recommend ReadnQuiz without reservation.

Marie Arrington
Safford Middle School
Safford, AZ

My school has been using ReadnQuiz for five years now and I cannot find any cons with the product. We used the desktop version of [another program] for years and then when they went to online our system couldn’t afford it. We started using ReadnQuiz and we have been very happy.

The website is easy to use on the administration side and student side. If the quiz that you want is not available, you can write the quiz and submit it and it is ready for the student to use within 24 hours.

I highly recommend the product!

Kathy S. Doren
Media Specialist
Greenbrier Middle School
Chesapeake, VA

The actual quizzes are good. ReadnQuiz has a feature I really like. Students see quick responses after each question where they may choose to give feedback. If a girl thinks the question is too difficult, or doesn't really match the book, she can say so in a quick checkbox under the question. Very empowering.

Dana Carmichael
Whitefish Middle School
Whitefish, MT

I am starting my second year with ReadnQuiz. I recommend the program. It's a great alternative to other expensive ones that our system could no longer afford. There are lots of tests available and more are added daily. All our teachers, grades 5-8, use the program and would recommend it.

Linda Dorris
Fayetteville Middle School
Fayetteville, TN

ReadnQuiz is great. They are constantly adding new quizzes. It is easier to run reports than it is in [another program].

Christina (Tina) Hackey M.Ed.
Citrus Springs Elementary School
Citrus Springs, FL

When our middle school reading teachers needed an alternative to [another program] because of budget cuts, I researched ReadnQuiz. They decided to go for it, not holding out much hope that it would be any better/worse than what we had before. We were all pleasantly surprised -- ease of use by both students and teachers, quizzes are easier to understand and are not repeatable, and the price just can't be beat. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to [another program].

Jennifer Marcantel
Mauriceville Middle School
Orange, TX

Last year was the 2nd year that my school subscribed to the ReadnQuiz program. I was very pleased with the feedback that I received from the staff and students. This was a great incentive for many reluctant readers. I had teachers that really monitored the program and I saw an increase in circulation numbers from those classes.

Cherie Duda
G. W. Carver Intermediate School
Chesapeake, VA

I teach a class called Literary Themes where each student contracts out for points based on pages read. In order to check for understanding, I give each child a test over his/her book, but this is difficult because on most days, I have 25 different novels that students are reading. Our school used to utilize [another program] for book assessment, but because of Illinois' financial woes, the school pulled the program.

Searching online one day brought me to ReadnQuiz. I read the specs and found that it was a program much like [another program] and tested students' understanding of novels they read. The program has numerous quizzes for recent novels that my high schoolers are reading, and the premise is nearly identical to [another program. We only have 120 students using the program, so their pricing worked for us.

I am very pleased with the company and the program. It tests whether my students read and understand the book, and this is exactly what I need. I absolutely love ReadnQuiz!!!

Becky McGarrity
Belleville East High School
Belleville, IL

We LOVE ReadnQuiz at JME and I always tell other school folks about how great and affordable it is.

Debbie Kiser
Julius Marks Elementary
Lexington, KY

ReadnQuiz has been a lifesaver for our large (over 900 student) elementary school. With prices of other programs rising, ReadnQuiz was the perfect solution. ReadnQuiz has over 55,000 tests and offers teachers a great accountability program for their classrooms. I also love that you can submit questions for a test that they may not have. We have seen our test scores grow this year and I think that ReadnQuiz has played a part!

Laura Ransom
Gallberry Farm Elementary
Hope Mills, NC

This year we are removing [another program] from our servers completely, and ReadnQuiz will be our exclusive reading program!

By the way, our middle school English teacher has said that the kids love ReadnQuiz, and they especially like the feedback feature in the quizzes (i.e. 'did you like this question' etc.).

Shannon Nordquist
Pleasant Hill High School
Pleasant Hill, OR

Thank you. You were right. "Up and running in 30 minutes" is true. I'm so thankful for the program and so impressed with the support I've received on a Sunday. Your company is truly a lifeline.

Cindy Hanson
Bishop School
Sunnyvale, CA

I have found this program to be invaluable, as the most current books are usually available and students can be tested and have some accountability about having read them. The program is a community effort, easy to use and very affordable.

Ellen Irion
Carnation Elementary
Carnation, WA

I'm happy to let you know that we will be purchasing ReadnQuiz as soon as I can get a P.O. tomorrow. I love your program.

Cindy Smedley
Associate Librarian
Melrose Elementary School
Roseburg, OR

Our kids seem to like it, including the fact that they get to give their input on the quality of the questions, as well as their own rating of the book, which provides that ‘social’ aspect to the program. IntraData is very responsive to suggestions and has a much more personal level of involvement than the bigger programs. They are continually improving and upgrading the capability of the program. The cost is very affordable. If every school who participates submits just a few quizzes per year, we’ll all have access to an extremely large bank of quizzes.

Julie H. Wales
Media Specialist
McNair Magnet School
Rockledge, FL

We dropped [another program] 4 years ago and last year began using ReadnQuiz. While we don't use it exactly like [the other program], it is very helpful in checking a student's comprehension. We use it to show accountability for independent reading. I would say the only drawback is that there isn't a student reading assessment feature.

Betsy Yager
Anne Sullivan School
Prospect Heights, IL

You can quote me! We just didn't know what to do in our school. We do a lot with the South Carolina award books and to confirm students reading those books we used [another program] to test but we decided not to use it anymore and my big problem was going to be what to do with these students and the book award books and then I read about ReadnQuiz. Wow, it has been great and our students moved seamlessly into the program! Thanks for being a life saver! We are on our fourth year and are happier than ever!

Stella Carmody
Forestbrook Elementary
Myrtle Beach, SC

I absolutely love using ReadnQuiz! Thank you so much for creating such a valuable resource for our students and teachers. We are so excited to continue using it this year!

Kirstin Reed
6th Grade
Knowlton Elementary
Farmington, UT

As the librarian for a small school, ReadnQuiz has been an outstanding addition to our literacy program. Most of our 4,000+ fiction books are covered by existing quizzes. Adding new quizzes is a breeze and are available within a couple of days.

Best of all are the comprehensive reports that allow us to focus on the individual student and their strengths and areas for improvement.

Bravo ReadnQuiz!!

Tamara Gallagher
Our Lady of Lourdes
Northridge, CA