Custom Class Settings

Customize quiz settings for each class/group. Number of questions/quiz, passing score, retakes policy. Allow/Disallow quizzing at home. Assign multiple teachers.

Rostering Available

Keep your classes, teachers, and students up to date by synching ReadnQuiz to your Student Information System. Automatically create student and teacher accounts, add/delete classes, and assign students to classes. Transfer students between classes and/or schools. Reactivate returning students with full quiz history.

Unique Retakes Possible

Completely new questions possible for each retake. Set number of retakes allowed. Set number of days to wait.

Integrated Quiz Browser

No need to direct students to another website to find their next book. Students browse your school's unique quiz list within ReadnQuiz.

Every Quiz is Unique

Different questions possible for each quiz. Random question, answer order makes cheating extremely difficult.

More Questions per Book

Questions are collected from multiple sources for each book making unique questions sets possible for every quiz. Most popular books commonly have over 40 questions.

Restrict Quizzing to School, or Allow at Home

Configure for whole school or each class. Use network (IP) restrictions or monitor password.

Simple Set Up and Administration

No technical skills or IT staff required. Be up and running in a half hour. Free tech support.

Flexible Licensing

Add and delete students as needed during the year. We bill based on your average over the year and you never pay for licenses you don't need.

Use Lexiles® for Reading Level

The Lexile® Framework is the most advanced and accurate reading level metric in use today.

Free Tech Support

The program is intuitive and super easy to use. Most likely you'll never need it.

Students Can Give Feedback

They can talk back to the quiz! And we listen. Questions are continuously improved using their feedback.

Upload All Students Quickly & Easily

We'll give you step-by-step instructions for uploading all your students in one file. You can assign a school-wide login/password for each student or have the login and password generated automatically during the upload, using student data like student ID, initials, etc.

Students Rate Books for Enjoyment & Difficulty

These extra data points add a powerful new dimension to the student's progress report. Effectively guide students to more appropriate reading level and interests.