ReadnQuiz Classroom Edition has all the basic functionality of the School Edition but is limited to one class and one teacher. It is appropriate for the teacher who wants ReadnQuiz for her students where the school is not using the full School Edition. If your school does have the School Edition, contact your ReadnQuiz Program Admin to get your class included.

The Classroom Edition is available to teachers at public and private schools only. All other organizations wishing to implement ReadnQuiz must purchase the School Edition.

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Yearly Subscription
Our regular price $115/class Up to 30 students
$4.00/student Over 30 students
For teachers using
personal funds with
no reimbursement
$60/class Up to 30 students
$2.00/student Over 30 students

Available for Public and Private schools only.

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Student Pricing Details

ReadnQuiz Classroom Edition pricing is simple and flexible. Most will pay a flat fee for up to 30 students. If you need to go over 30, we will add a per student fee. We bill you on your estimate of your student count and you may add and remove students during the year as you need. We take a weekly snapshot of your student count and at renewal time we’ll compare the average during the year with your estimate and either add an extra charge for the student count overage or give you a credit if you were under your estimate. You never pay for licenses you don’t use and you are not bound to any difficult-to-adjust limits.