Is Reading Counts!® Going Out Of Business?

ReadnQuiz is the reading program you’re looking for. You’re going to be happy you found us.

Even I think it’s sad that Reading Counts!® is going away. There is a very long and rich history there. RC pioneered the book quizzing methodology that ReadnQuiz uses. I modeled ReadnQuiz on Reading Counts!® because it works. It provides accountability, incentives, and progress tracking.

I would like to invite you to check out ReadnQuiz as an alternative to Reading Counts!®. ReadnQuiz does what Reading Counts!® does: Multiple choice quizzes to test comprehension and points to help incentivize young readers. There are many former Reaching Counts!® schools using ReadnQuiz and they are very happy with their switch.

I do understand that moving to another reading program is a huge task. We can help make the transition a little easier. Ask us about quiz/book matching to let you know how many of your books have a ReadnQuiz quiz. We can also get you set up with new labels. Your teachers and students will have a much easier time transitioning because they already know how ReadnQuiz works.

My name is Chip Switzer and I created ReadnQuiz 8 years ago because I believe strongly in this approach to encouraging kids to read more books. I felt that the other two similar reading programs on the market had gotten away from helping kids and teachers and were more concerned with profits. ReadnQuiz is family-owned, fairly priced, and we do listen to, and care about, our customers.

Our school also could not afford [another program], a program that I loved and had used for years. After a great deal of time spent searching and then researching, our school chose to use ReadnQuiz. We have used it for several years now and plan on continuing to incorporate it into our Language Arts program.

Working with the people at ReadnQuiz is an unbelievable experience. I've had problems late on Saturday evening (not a surprise I was still working then, right?), and someone from ReadnQuiz has responded to my plea for help. Our school signed on with ReadnQuiz early on, but when I would contact them about my "wish list" I often got what I wanted. They were willing to listen to our suggestions and worked diligently to make sure we were satisfied.

ReadnQuiz fits nicely into our school's budget. Our students continue to benefit from the program, and more schools in our district are deciding to use the program after seeing how well it has worked at our school. I recommend ReadnQuiz without reservation.

Marie Arrington
Safford Middle School
Safford, AZ