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Powerful Simplicity

ReadnQuiz is an enterprise reading accountability program for schools using quizzes, reports, reading levels and points in a way you are familiar with. But ReadnQuiz will not break your school's budget. In fact, we created ReadnQuiz for just one reason: Other programs are way too expensive and many schools have had to discontinue them. Now there is an alternative and it's very affordable.

Evaluate ReadnQuiz at your school for 30 days with absolutely no obligation. You'll quickly see that it does pretty much everything that more expensive program does, has a fantastic collection of quizzes, is much easier to use and your students will like it better.

A Different Kind Of Company

IntraData is not your usual stuffy education company. And we didn't create ReadnQuiz to compete with the big guys and take market share. We created ReadnQuiz because a lot of schools need it. And because we were able to do it. When you talk to us on the phone or in email, you'll realize quickly that we are here to help and we care. We're staffed with people who love books, schools and technology. When you invite us into your school, you'll feel like we're on your team.

The ReadnQuiz Advantage
  • A fraction of the cost of other programs
  • Grades K-12
  • Over 36,000 quizzes
  • More than 3,000 quizzes added last year
  • Integrated online quiz browser
  • Use Lexiles or continue what you're using now
  • New, randomized quiz every time
  • Retakes possible with entirely new questions
  • Fine tune each class with its own customized quiz settings
    • Number of questions per quiz
    • Retake policy
    • Passing score
    • Limitations on allowed reading level range
    • Quiz at home or not
  • No IT staff needed to set up or maintain
  • No dedicated servers needed
  • No charge for tech support
  • Pay only for students using the program, not the whole school
  • No minimum number of students
  • No Draconian licensing process to add students

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