The Affordable Alternative to Accelerated Reader
Frequently Asked Questions
Finally, a Real Alternative to Accelerated Reader

It may seem like you have no options. We're here to tell you that you do. ReadnQuiz is a web-based reading accountability program similar to AR and RC with one huge advantage - it won't devour your budget. Library books should be the priority, not a quizzing program.

If you have been unable to afford a first class reading program, ReadnQuiz is here for you. If you have been using Accelerated Reader Desktop, ReadnQuiz offers a smooth transition to an "Enterprise" system by allowing you move up while still utilizing your substantial investment in Accelerated Reader quizzes.

ReadnQuiz is revolutionary in many ways and old school in others. It uses web 2.0 to develop community and collaboration at every level, and cloud technology to drastically reduce costs and maximize performance. Then we bring the cost way down by not selling quizzes. The quizzes in RQ are written by teachers and shared with the entire community.

The ReadnQuiz Advantage
  • 1/10th the cost of Accelerated Reader Enterprise
  • Over 32,000 quizzes
  • New quizzes added daily, written by teachers and librarians
  • Integrated online quiz browser
  • Centralized reporting using ATOS or Lexiles
  • Online reports for parents
  • New, randomized quiz every time
  • On average, more questions per book than Accelerated Reader
  • Retakes possible with entirely new questions
  • Fine tune each class with its own customized quiz settings
    • Number of questions per quiz
    • Retake policy
    • Passing score
    • Limitations on allowed reading level range per student
    • Quiz at home or not
  • No IT staff needed to set up or maintain
  • No dedicated servers needed
  • No charge for tech support
  • Pay only for students enrolled in the program, not the whole school
  • No Draconian licensing costs to add students

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